The Slip Inn is a great venue for organised events
especially with our newly extended back room.
Watch this space for information about our regular
beer festivals, and feel free to email us if you would
like to discuss an event or party of your own.

Click here to see an archive of all our previous events.

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The 10th Annual Swan & Slip Inn Festival

Thusday 26th - Saturday 28th September 2019




Crooked - Moon Landing 3.6% Pale

Bristol Beer Factory - Low Rider 3.9% Blonde

Redemption - Kazbek 4% Blonde

Portobello - Westway 4% Pale

Bad Seed - Burn Rate 4.2% Pale

Great Yorkshire - Blackout 5% Dark


Magic Rock - Saucery 3.9% Session IPA

Brass Castle - Yorkshire Lavender 4.0% Oatmeal Pale

Alphabet - Juice Springsteen 4.5% Tropical IPA

Northern Monk - Faith 5.4% American Pale Ale

Timothy Taylor’s - Hopical Storm 4.0% Dry-hopped Pale


Salt - Bonneville 4.0% Pale Hazy (Vegan friendly)

Orkney Brewery - Brodgar - Auburn Rye 4.4%

Cwrw Ial - Limestone Cowboy 4.5% Deep Copper

Manchester Brewing Co. - Cut Like a Buffalo 4.5% APA

Quantock Brewery - QBUSA West 4.5% Pale

Siren Craft - Undercurrent 4.5% Pale

Wilde Child - Chasing Epiphany 4.8% Pale

Burton Bridge Brewery - Stairway to Heaven 5.0% Bitter

Tiny Rebel - Stay Puft 5.2% Marshmallow Porter

Silver Street Brewing Co.-  Cask IPA 5.3% IPA


Coleman’s - Pear Cider 5.5%

Lilley’s - Red Rabbit 6.0% Medium

Thistly Cross - Whisky Cask 6.7%




Treboom - Swan Special Lemon Blonde  3.8%  Blonde

Tiny Rebel - Pango 4.0% then Billabong 4.6% then Juicy 4.8%

Helmsley  - Yorkshire Legend (Oak Cask) 3.8%  Bitter ...then...

Siren Craft - Undercurrent  4.5%  Pale

First Chop - Hop 4.1%  Golden

Three Castles - Sandcastles  5.0%  Golden

Brass Castle - Black Forest  6.0%  Choc/Cherry Stout


GBrass Castle -  Panache 4.4% Golden Ale (World Cycling Special)

The Mechanic Brewery - Down Time 5.2% Bock Pilsner


Salopian - Shropshire Gold 3.8% Golden

Atom - Ohm 4.0% West Coast Pale

Brewsters - Try Try Try Again 4.0% Amber Bitter

JW Lees - True Faith 4.2% Chestnut

Mallinsons - Electric Stream 4.2% Blonde

Settle - Earl Grey IPA 4.4% Golden

Frome - Amarillo 4.6% American Pale

Little Eaton - Old Mill Stout 5.0% Stout

Revolutions - Don’t You Forget About Me 5.1% Extra Special Bitter

Pheasantry - Orange Pheasant 6.0%  Pale/Orange Infused

Treboom - Avant Garde (Oak Cask) 6.0% Amber Bierre de Garde

Half Moon - Olde Skool 9.6% Whisky Cask Matured Old Ale


Wild Beer - Sleeping Lemons 3.6% Lemon Sour

Moor Beer - Smoked Lager  4.2%  Deep Gold

Kirkstall - Gelato Tropicale 4.0% Tropical Sour

Mad Squirrel - Zealous 4.4% Premium Pilsner

Brass Castle/Neptune - Bozza Don’t Surf  7.3%  Hopfenweiss

Brass Castle - Very Bad Kitty 9.0% Imperial Vanilla Porter


Bottle Kicking - Rhubarb and Strawberry 4.0%  Fruit

Broadoak - Rum and Raisin 4.0% Medium

Abrahalls - Lily the Pink 4.5% Medium

Cornwall Cider Co - Apple Slayer 5.7% Medium




Evening - Freddie Hayes & Fred the Grumpy Landlord Puppet mayhem with Fred serving beer and dubious banter to lucky(?) customers.


9pm Smith,Wallace & Kendra - Guitar/fiddle trio playing Irish/gypsy/Americana


9pm Dave Smith and Karl Moon - House-rockin blues & boogie.



9pm Cowgirl (Duo) - Danny and Sam playing indie originals


7pm Dave Keegan - Melodic acoustic pop

9pm Big Bad Blues Band Stripped-back “front-porch” blues


3pm Paul Davey - Melodic punk originals, rare acoustic set

6pm Leather’o - Irresistible entrancing folk collective

9pm David Ward Maclean - Sublimely musical songsmith

Last Event

Solstice Festival
Thursday 20th - Saturday 22nd June 2019


Leeds - Solstice - 3.5 - Golden

Stonehenge - Spire Ale - 3.8 - Premium Bitter

Black Sheep - Twilighter - 3.9 - Yorkshire IPA

St. Austell - Liquid Sunshine - 3.9 - Golden

Brewsters - Roll In The Hay - 4.0 - Golden

Naylor's - Summer Ale - 4.0 - Blonde

Rufford Abbey - Barley Mow - 4.1 - Golden

Great Newsome - Summer Solstice - 4.2 - Session IPA

Half Moon - Farrow's Gold - 4.2 - Golden

Bristol Beer Factory - Pale Blue Dot - 4.4 - Pale

Thornbridge - Salted Caramel Lucaria - 4.5 - Porter

Totally Brewed - Papa Jangles Voodoo Stout - 4.5 - Stout

Intrepid - Sunrise - 4.6 - American Wheat Ale

Turning Point - Headhunter - 4.6 - Juicy Session Pale

Salt - Alpaca - 6.6 - DDH IPA

Fri/Sat Beer

Allandale Wagtail - 3.8 - Bitter

Ferry Ales - Harvest Gold - 4.0 - Golden

Brass Castle Misfit - 4.3 - Pale

The Park Brewery - Gallows - 4.5 - Pale

Tiny Rebel - Juicy - 4.8 - Tropical Golden

Brass Castle - Sunshine - 5.7 - IPA


Broadoak - Strawberry Cider - 4.0

Celtic Marches Loubi Lou - 4.0

Colemans Pear Cider - 5.5

Recent Events:

The 9th Annual Swan & Slip Inn Festival

Friday 5th - Sunday 7th October 2018

Battle of the Breweries
Turning Point/Cromarty/Purple Moose
The Slip Inn

Friday 25th - Sunday 27th May 2018

The Beers

8th Annual Slip Inn Festival

Friday 25th - Sunday 27th August 2017
Starting 3pm Fri / Midday Sat & Sun

7th Annual Slip Inn Battle of the Breweries

Friday 26th - Sunday 28th May

7th Annual Swan and Slip Inn Festival

Friday 27th - Sunday 29th May 2016
Starting 3pm Fri / Midday Sat & Sun

Recent Events:

2016 Battle of the Breweries
Friday 27th - Sunday 29th May 2016
Starting 3pm Fri / Midday Sat & Sun
(Previous Slip/Swan festival glasses welcome)

Nearly June already and no events yet this year at the Slip?
Well, as many of you will have noticed, this is because we have been
busy making some changes this spring, with a small but highly effective
extension to the back bar room. We are keen to see how this will
improve our events and this weekend will be the first big test.
We really hope everyone likes what we have done, please feel free
to give us your feedback, and to ask about our future plans!

Three really great breweries will be battling it out this weekend
in our first three day Battle of the Breweries. There will be
full details of each brewery and beer in the festival notes as
usual, but for now feast your eyes on this selection, and rest
assured that we have carefully lined up a diverse and delicious
range for your enjoyment.

(Mostly we have rounds where similar beer styles will battle
it out, except for the bottom row which is a deliberately
eclectic "wild card" round. The rules are simple: the first in each
round to sell out a whole firkin wins - or if we don't reach that
point then we measure what's left and it is the one that has
sold the most. Have fun!)

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